●Questionnaire of stakeholders

The purpose of a questionnaire :


●Contact methods of stakeholders





Contack/feedback methods


Communication withstakeholders


and shareholders

. Operating performance and financial position

.Corporate governance

. Corporate image

Spokesperson: Executive Vice President Wu, Chia-Te
Deputy Spokesperson: CFO Lin, Shao-Hsiang

Address:11F., No.85, Wenlong Rd., Fengshan Dist., KaohsiungCity 830009, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


mailbox :


Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.

.Instant material information will be made public on the Market Observation Post System of the TWSE and the Company's website simultaneously.

.An email mailbox and contact number have been set up on the Company's website to provide a smooth communication channel between investors and the Company, including the reporting of illegal (including corruption) and unethical practices.

.Attend the corporate presentation upon invitation

.39 material information



After-sales service

House renovation

Customer service hotline:0800-268-588

Provide professional consultation with the customer service hotline.

.Developed an application through which the customers reported for maintenance, with 25,058 followers on Facebook, 5,714 friends on LINE, and 10,742 followers on Instagram

.Year-end paint services for free

.Resident activities was organized



.Occupationalhealth and safety

Laboremployment relationship

.Employee benefits policies

Administration Division:Ms. Chen


.The Executives of Divisions hold meetings and communicate with their colleagues irregularly

.Hold regular labormanagement meetings.

.Provide health checkups and consultation for employees for free every year.

.Organize internal and external education and training to enhance professional skills.

.Quarterly labormanagement meetings were held

.Employee dinner was organized.

.Employee travel was organized

.Health checkups for employees are held

.Education and training for employee was organized.


Human Rights Policy and

External Staff

.Dishonest behavior

Whistle-blowingmailbox :


I. The whistle-blowing mailbox is for internal and external use of the Company. The whistleblower shall provide at least the following information:

1、The name and ID number of the whistleblower. It can also be reported anonymously with accessible address, telephone number, and e-mail where the whistle-blower can be reached.

2、The name or other information that identifies the person being prosecuted.

3、The specific facts that can be investigated.

II. The company will keep the identity of the whistle-blower and the content of the report confidential in handling the whistle-blowing. Besides, it promises to protect the whistleblower from being improper treatment due to the whistle-blowing.

III. For detailed reporting procedures, please refer to the Company's "Measures for Handling Cases of Reporting Dishonest Behaviors".

The Administration Division of the Company reports the communication with some stakeholders to the Board of Directors on a quarterly basis.